DOORS - friendly space in the heart of Arcadia. It has everything to spend time with your family, talk, work, relax and create with comfort.

The first floor is a restaurant of author’s cuisine, which appeared as a result of the joint work of Odessa and Tbilisi restaurateurs. In the menu - dishes of Odessa, Georgian and European cuisine in the author's interpretation of the chef Levani Kobiashvili. The atmosphere of the restaurant is set by the contemporary interior design, black and white films, as well as jazz and blues music. In the evenings there are performances of artists and themed dinner parties.

The ground floor is a wine cellar that holds up to 9,000 bottles. Every Sunday there are tastings with a sommelier, where you can taste interesting wines that you rarely find in Ukraine.

Also in the space there is a VIP-room for banquet parties, karaoke and cigar smoking. There is a children's space, where during the events animators and teachers work, as well as master classes for children from 5 to 12 years old.

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Restaurant DOORS

Address: Odessa, 1 Posmitnogo Str.
Tel.+38 050 3167171
Tel.+38 048 7917171